Will you be a part of igniting the light of God’s love to the community?

In 2011, Westbrook opened its doors with the simple mission of reaching people with the love of Jesus. We were convinced that as we created a caring community where all could belong that people would be drawn to that community and put their faith in Jesus, then we would help them become like Christ by developing their faith. Over the past seven years we have seen that happen over and over.

In spite of all that God has done, we have been limited because we don’t have a permanent facility. Everyday besides Sunday we are invisible to the larger community. We prayed and sought God on this problem, but every piece of land we looked at was way beyond our budget. But then God miraculously gave us 25 acres at the intersection of Engler Ave and Jonathan Carver Parkway. We purchased this parcel for $250,000. It is at a highly visible intersection and is strategically placed within miles of 600 new houses being built. Only God could have worked out all these details.

We are at a critical point in our church’s life. We believe as we build a permanent facility that it will Ignite the Light on our vision to reach more people for Christ and become a source for good to the poor and marginalized in this community and beyond. The building, itself, is not our vision but it will be a great tool to ignite a movement of God’s power and grace in our community and the world around us.

Will you be a part of igniting the light of God’s love to the community? We are asking you to prayerfully consider a three year pledge as your commitment to Ignite the Light. This will enable us to build a building so the God’s light can catch fire through Westbrook.

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Community Impact

Our vision is to be a blessing to the world and the community around us. This building will help us fulfill that part of our vision. This building won’t only be for us but it will serve the community in great ways.

We will have a daycare/preschool in the building that will be a great service and source of support for working parents. The preschool will be great preparation for children preparing for school. Daycare services are in great demand in this community and this will be a practical way we can serve this area.

This building will be prominent host site for community activities. It will be open for community groups that need a meeting space as well as serving as a host site a couple of weeks a year for Families Moving Forward, a ministry that helps homeless families get job training while providing temporary housing.

We will be a blessing to the community by multiplying ourselves through church planting. The building can be a base for the development of church planters and the planning of new churches throughout our larger community. Our plan is to tithe on the building fund and use some of the money to finance starting new churches.

The building will be a great base of operations for what we are already doing in the community. It will enhance our work with Love Inc. as we continue to provide laundry and dishwasher detergent to working families that need support. It will be a source of support for our work with La Academia and Sheridan Story, as we feed students who might not have enough to eat on weekends. Our building could host a food pack with Feed My Starving Children or host a World Vision Run for clean water.

The possibilities of how we could use this building as a blessing to others are endless. But one thing is certain our permanent site will be a place we will use to bless our community and all who come to it.

We have four images that help define what our permanent facility will help us accomplish as a community

As a Filling Station

Where people can be filled with the power and encouragement of God, as they experience authentic worship, relevant teaching and welcoming community.

  • The building will have a place to gather before and after services to build relationships and connect with each other.
  • A Worship Center that will seat 200 where we will worship God through faithful music and relevant teaching.

As a Hospital

Where people come for healing and restoration from grief, addiction, emotional wounds and the pains and struggles of life.

  • The building will host support groups that help people overcome addictions and pain from their past.

As a Fitness Center

Where people come to get in shape spiritually by learning and applying God’s word as they become more like Christ. They will grow in being responsible for their own spiritual growth and relationship with God.

  • The building will host classes that help people learn and apply the bible to their lives.
  • A place where discipleship happens and people learn to grow in their relationship with God.

As a Command Center

That coordinates all the work we do to be a blessing to the world around us. That includes meeting physical needs and working to multiply our church through church planting.

How can I get involved?


Pray that God would bless our Ignite the Light initiative and pray that our leaders can lead wisely. Pray about how He would want you involved in this initiative. Ask God how much you should give over a three year period. Ask Him for strength, courage and trust in Him as you make your commitment. Then, continue to pray for our church and all the plans God has for it. Prayer works so let’s do it frequently and fervently.


As you are praying about your involvement, listen to what God is saying to you. He will lead you to an amount He wants you to give. If we commit to listening to Him and obeying what He tells you to do, He will speak to you. As you obey, God will grow your faith and trust in Him. Listen and obey.


Our ultimate goal is that everyone who is a member and regular attender will participate in this initiative and give, so Westbrook can have a permeant facility. Not everyone can give the same amount but everyone can give something. Our giving chart shows the various amounts we are looking for. You can give from your regular income or from stored assets, which are savings accounts, stocks, bonds or real estate to name a few. Would you pray, listen and give?

Make your commitment now

Questions you may have

What is the overall cost of the project?

The projected cost of the entire project will be between $3.5 and $4 million. This includes all construction costs, infrastructure and furnishings.

How much do we want to raise in the Ignite the Light capital initiative?

Our goal is to raise $1 million over the course of the three-year campaign. The balance will be financed in a long-term mortgage.

How long is the capital initiative?

The initiative will be three years. We are asking people to make a three year pledge that would start March 2019 through March 2022. You could pay it monthly quarterly or annually or whichever way works best for you. If you are giving from stored assets (cash savings, stocks real estate, etc.) there might be a better time or system to the giving. It is up to you.

What is the anticipated project timeline?

Based on your commitments, we would start construction in the summer of 2019 and be ready to move in February 2020.