What does Easter bring to mind for you?

Julie Sharpe on Apr 09, 2020

Our church staff was asked this question and several of them have responded to share with you their thoughts, memories and remembrances during this unusual Easter season.

Kevin Sharpe- “In college, after I had come to faith in Christ, one Easter season a friend showed me the story in Luke 24 about the Road to Emmaus. I was so captured by the story of the disciples and how they said to each other, ‘Were our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?’ That has always been my favorite Easter/Resurrection story.”

Stanton Petersen- “ My favorite Easter memory is waking up to the smell of my mother’s Cape Malay Pickled Fish on a Friday morning. We would eat pickled fish for the whole weekend with Hot Cross Buns.”

Kimberly Moorse- “Growing up in a small country church, Easter was a very meaningful time. I can still visualize the cross that my dad made, which stood at the front the church as a reminder of Jesus’ death. I can also remember going to the sunrise service on Easter morning and singing hymns like 'Christ The Lord Is Risen Today.'”

Carrie Quigg- “Easter has always been a time in which my family would gather to celebrate. There was always a big meal that we would enjoy together, and the rest of the afternoon would be spent visiting as a family. Living away from family here in Minnesota has changed things, but thanks to technology we are able to video chat and see our family on Easter.”

Carey Keavy- “For me, I think it’s important to realize that Jesus was a human, and that this was a choice He made to give His life for our salvation, to allow ourselves to feel the pain of that sacrifice and His death. In addition to that somber reflection, it’s also important to allow ourselves to feel the jubilant feelings that come with His resurrection, and how He overcame the curse of sin and death.”

Linsey Zell- “When I was younger, I went with my family over to a family’s house from my church in Illinois. After having lunch, the family shared the story of how their oldest son, who was sitting with us at the table survived a vicious brain tumor. It was so amazing to hear such a testimony of God’s grace on Easter.”

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