Westbrook Students BLESS Chaska for Christ

Stanton Petersen on Sep 29, 2018

As a Student Ministry we desire to see all people of Chaska come to salvation and a relationship with Jesus Christ. If you’re like me, you see that as a daunting task. Yet, when I look at scripture I see how Christ began with only a few disciples in a small town called Jerusalem. It was there that the message of the Gospel spread around the world and became the greatest religion two thousand years later.

As a Student Ministry, we desire to do the same. We are trusting God to use a few students to spread the good news of the Gospel throughout Chaska. Just as the disciples began in a small town, we too will begin in a small area consisting of a townhome complex in Chaska.

This past Wednesday, our Student Ministry engaged in our first evening of outreach. Virginia Farris, who is a Westbrook member and a resident of one of these townhomes, came to talk to us about the physical and spiritual poverty that exists in the neighborhood. What shocked us is how provision for the little things can escalate to something great; like a student who is unable to pay for their sport registration would result in not participating in sports all year. Our hearts sank as we listened to what was happening just blocks away from our church.

Students not only got to hear about the needs but also had the opportunity to visit Virginia’s townhome. We saw with our own eyes the conditions that many families live in. We learned that some families of five or four were living in two/three-room complexes. This experience was an eye opener to us as we saw the realities of our neighbors. But it didn’t end there.

With great fervency, we headed back to the Westbrook office to discuss and brainstorm outreach ideas of how we can minister in Word and deed to the residents of this Chaska townhome complex. Our aim is to BLESS and to help relieve both physical and spiritual poverty. The students and Virginia blew my mind away as they came up with ideas such as: a study night for the kids in the neighborhood; food parcels; arts and crafts, etc. At the end of the night, we prayed and asked for God’s BLESSing on us and those we will be ministering to in the upcoming year.

What lies before us seems impossible. I can only imagine what the disciples must have felt when Christ told them to “make disciples of all nation” (Matt. 28:19). Their sense of inadequacy did not drive them to fear but to faith, specifically to their knees (Acts 1:14). That is why, next month students will gather to pray, seeking God to BLESS the work of our hands as we Fulfill A Mission (F.A.M).

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