Survey Says...

Kevin Sharpe on Nov 13, 2018

We have just completed a church survey. We asked 45 of our committed members to fill out a survey that measured eight key areas of the church’s life. We did this survey two years also and we got to compare the results this time with the results from 2016. I have to tell you that overall it was deeply encouraging. We improved in all 8 of our categories. The best thing we do around Westbrook is our small groups. They are just great. People are encouraged in these groups, they are growing in their faith and the groups are a place where they can be honest and open and receive the encouragement that we all need. Way to go!

I want to say a special thanks to our small group leaders. They are doing the job that is vital for our church. They are leading and facilitating these groups to help people be vulnerable, share their hearts and be challenged to grow in their relationship with Christ. If you are not in a small group I have to tell you are missing out on some unbelievable relational connection and spiritual growth.

The next best area in the survey is loving relationships. We do a great job of connecting with each other, loving each other and serving one another. You should invite your friends to this church for this reason alone. We will be a place that embraces and loves people. I see this happening all the time. Come to our church if you want relationships that are real and authentic. That is why I believe we have so many people that aren’t natives Minnesotans. They don’t have the relational connections with family and friends that natives have. They are looking for relationships to connect to. We are the church for that.

Of course we have some things to work on. Our lowest was inspiring worship. But even that area is the area we improved the most in. Another area for improvement is effective structures. This area is about systems in place to support the ministry. We have already got some plans in place to begin improving these important areas.

Also, what we got confirmed from the survey is that there is a fatigue that has set in our community. . We have been in rented facilities for seven years and it has taken a toll on us. Sunday mornings are just hard and we have had to move three times in those 7 years. We don’t have much joy on our Sunday mornings in set up and tear down and we believe that is translated in our services. In the short term we want to work on this through encouragement and the conviction that God wants to do great things among us.

In the long term we have to work hard at making a permanent facility a reality. We are starting a capital initiative later this fall and into the new year. It is going to take a God size miracle for us to raise the money and begin building, but God majors in those things that seem impossible. I would encourage you to be in prayer, asking God to infuse joy in our midst and to provide the resources we need to build. Thanks for your partnership!

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