Stories | Kevin Sharpe on Oct 07, 2019

The Judgment Diet

I frequently go on and off diets. But when I’m on one and losing weight, it is a great feeling. I’m being disciplined and focused, I’m feeling good about myself. But I also notice something else when

Stories | Julia Dahlke on May 16, 2019


As the sun peaks through, we don our farm boots and walk to the barn. Beneath my black boots the grass is wet from the rains that fell during the night. A chorus of birds breaks the silence and awakens me. The air smells of spring – the mix of freshly dampened dirt, compost and grass – inviting me to treasure the renewed

Stories | Kevin Sharpe on May 02, 2019

Death's Sting

My oldest brother died two weeks ago on a Tuesday. He had terminal lung cancer that was discovered in September and he lived with it until

Stories | Julia Dahlke on Apr 18, 2019

Resting In The Questions

I’m sitting in wonder on this Maundy Thursday. How God could become man, live a perfect life and then willingly suffer and be put to death in order that He could rise again and defeat death. I don’t understand it.

Stories | Kevin Sharpe on Mar 14, 2019


When my son was in 2nd grade and my daughter was in kindergarten, we began sponsoring two kids in Nairobi, Kenya with World Vision. One is a boy that was the same age as my son and one was a girl that is the same age as my daughter. We sponsored them all the way through school up to their high school graduation. Our kids grew

Stories | Julia Dahlke on Feb 20, 2019

The Things I Possess

In a voice full of disdain, my child said “Get off of my bed!”“Wait... Your bed?” I said. I recalled searching for the right bed for my child, reading reviews and finally driving to the Cities to pay for it and pick it up.

Stories | Kevin Sharpe on Dec 21, 2018


Stories | Kevin Sharpe on Nov 13, 2018

Survey Says...

We have just completed a church survey. We asked 45 of our committed members to fill out a survey that measured eight key areas of the church’s life.