Spotlight on Stacy

Julie Sharpe on Mar 12, 2020

A little about Stacy Valdez

· She’s one of those mover and shaker people who likes to get things done

· She’s lived in the Chaska/Carver area for about 13 years

· She’s a native Minnesota girl who grew up in Apple Valley

· Most importantly, she’s a great mom to Sydney ( 21) and Jack ( 10)

Why were/are you so involved and invested in the our building campaign “Ignite the Light”?

· I was excited about the team of talented people on the campaign team

· Kevin asked me and then I got excited about the mission and vision for our building

· My role was the event planner for major programming for the committee

· I wanted to give financially because it’s time to have a physical home and presence in our community

I am looking forward to a building because

· It will bring growth to our church when we can have a 24-7 presence in our community

· Our efforts and intensity spent now on set-up and tear-down can be spent in more valuable ways

· In children’s where I am very involved we can do activities and have supplies without having to worry about playdough or other supplies freezing in the trailers or a classroom teacher who is upset the desks aren’t exactly in the same spot as when we arrived.

· And we can have a home base for our special events like movie night, nerf wars, VBS, pumpkin give away so our community can associate and connect with our Westbrook Church community

-Julie Sharpe

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