Realizing my Struggle in Prayer

Stanton Petersen on Jun 22, 2019

I always loved praying. This love and passion for prayer was instilled to me through my mother who was constantly on her knees. She constantly interceded for others and especially for her sons. I saw God work miraculous through answering her prayers. This passion and desire for prayer latched on to me and soon I found myself praying in delight. But as the years went by, I became busy and unmotivated to pray. Over the years I sought to get back on the track but often found myself back in the same boat of being busy and unmotivated.

I often found myself watching television and telling my wife that this was my place of rest after a hard day’s work. The devil’s strategy in our culture today has often used the television and phones, which most families view by the hours, to be our place of rest rather than learning to find true rest in cultivating Christ’s fellowship. One of the strategies of the devil is to rob us of our most precious commodity called time. I found out that it was my emotions that didn’t want to pray after a long hard day’s work. But it was my intellect and will that truly desired to step back in that prayerful life I once had before. So last week I began to pray and my mind and emotions ran in all different directions. But I kept at it, everyday increasing a few minutes to my prayer life and guiding my thoughts to my Lord. I am still pressing on but have noticed that my five minutes (which seemed to so long) when I first began is now short and a delight. My desire at the end of this is to take my prayer life with me and not keep it bound in a specific time or day. But that I would be constantly in prayer as I walk and talk with people every day. When I first began, my struggle was going to prayer but now I desire that at the end of the day, my struggle would be leaving the sweet communion of prayer.

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