Ignite the Light!

Church Member on Mar 05, 2020

Although you may not know many of the details regarding the building project, there have been a number of people hard at work on our new church building.

It has been a journey with challenges and delays, but, with each step, we have seen God working in miraculous ways. The teams have felt overwhelmed at times by some of the challenges, but, like countless saints before us – Abraham, Peter and Paul… we are reminded to put our trust in Him.

We now have a final design and firm construction bids for the building project. In addition, we have found favor with all the local government agencies for permits. This means the project is ready to go with one exception. There remains a gap between the cost of the project and our current financing.

Based on the latest calculations, we have a shortfall to fully fund this project but we have a plan to close the gap. Though we are talking with multiple banks, the story seems to be consistent on what we need to do. Since we are this close, we believe a combination of project cost reductions and increased contributions will enable us to reach this goal.

Therefore, over the next few weeks, we are asking you, the people of Westbrook Community Church, to pray about your financial commitment to the new building project. We are also asking the project team members to find cost savings opportunities to close this gap and make this building project viable.

We praise God for His faithfulness and grace to Westbrook Community Church.

By Roger Falkenstein

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