God’s Backyard Bible Camp Virtual VBS

Carrie Quigg on Aug 04, 2020

How do you hold VBS during a pandemic?

You go virtual!

We made the decision based on social distancing and group size recommendations. It would be unsafe to move forward with the usual in-person program. Our VBS was broadcasted on Facebook Live each Wednesday evening through July.

God’s Backyard Bible Camp focused on five essential aspects of serving others. Each evening carried a different theme. On night one, we learned about what it means to serve family, night two taught about what it looks like to serve our friends, week three focused on the importance of serving our neighbors, and week four explained the importance of serving our communities. Week five was our most important message of what it means to serve Jesus. Our last message spoke to the importance of being the hands and feet of Jesus, taught what salvation is, and gave families an opportunity to ask Jesus into their life.

With VBS being virtual, it was approached as full family participation and was not limited to specific age groups. Each evening we provided a Bible lesson that spoke to the theme, provided supplies for outdoor family games, had a family involved craft based on each theme, and music with dance videos that spoke to the importance of serving others.

We wrapped up our final evening with a history of Westbrook family scavenger hunt. It included stops at Clover Ridge Elementary, Southwest Christian High School, Chaska High School, and the final goal of arriving at our land. Each stop included a part of the history of Westbrook. At the land, kids received a Westbrook T-shirt, backpack, and ice cream treat. Kids wrapped up the evening having fun climbing on the bales of hay on our land, the future home of Westbrook Community Church.

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