Getting to Know Carey

Carey Keavy on Feb 11, 2020

So you’ve heard her singing and playing various instruments leading worship in the past month or so but have you had an opportunity to get to know Carey Keavy? Well today is your day to do so! Carey was born in Pittsburgh, but raised in a little mining town in Nevada. It was so small, there were no FM radio stations, no cable television, no stop signs! She and a good friend did a Thelma and Louise with a good ending, and came up to Minnesota on a whim. They drove in an 1970’s Thunderbird that was in the process of being restored, so it was touch and go that they would make it here. Carey is will be sharing her faith story and it is an amazing testament to what can God can do! Carey has four boys- 17-24 and her fiancé, Mike Marshall has four girls. They are planning a wedding for June 20th.

When it comes to leading worship Carey explains, “The goal of worship is to make ourselves invisible so that God is glorified. Part of that is to be skilled enough that people can focus on God, not what you are doing.” Carey’s leading worship grew from an unmentioned passion inside of her to a terrified inexperienced musician stepping out in faith, to a woman who recognizes God’s leading on her life. She is pretty much self-taught as a musician but gives credit to fellow band members along the way, encouraging and teaching her. Her favorite and first instrument is the keyboard and she has added guitar, ukulele and various percussion instruments along the way. Carey’s favorite songs are tending to come from Jesus Culture or Hillsong these days. Like all of us, our favorites change from time to time. Right now she is finding the song, “Freedom” to be one of her favorites since it is so upbeat and fun to play. “Dance like the weight has been lifted, grace is waiting for you. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom…”, sound familiar? Ephesians 2:8 and 9 is a verse she is incorporating into her life. “For by grace you have been saved and this not of yourself it is a gift of God not of works. “ Take the time to introduce yourself to Carey and chat a minute. You will enjoy your encounter with this warm, engaging woman who we are blessed to have with us here at Westbrook. We are glad you are here, Carey!

-Julie Sharpe

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