Kevin Sharpe on Sep 12, 2018

Do you ever have doubts that God will come through? Or doubts that He will come through on time? A number of years ago we had put together a team to look at buying land and start the building process. After one meeting I went home so depressed because we had identified about four properties that fit into our criteria for where we wanted the church to be. But all four pieces of land were in the 1 million to 1.5 million price range. Not unreasonable for land but very far out of our means. I drove home that night thinking we will never be able to afford land. We’ll never have a building of our own. God unless you do something phenomenal we will never get land. I doubted it would ever happen.

Fast forward to a year and half ago, we made contact with a woman who owned land north of Engler on Victoria Road and just a little of her land crossed the street and was on the south side of Engler. We approached her and asked if we could buy the land south of Engler. She said yes and through a process we closed on the land on August 2,, 2017 with a price that was 25 acres for 250,000. That price was a miracle compared to other land around the area. God provided for us in a miraculous way. I thought back to that time when I doubted whether we would be able to afford land and thought God, thanks for ignoring my doubts and unbelief and thanks for coming through so dramatically just like you have always done.

Then last December was another of those moments when I doubted if God would come through. We were going into December significantly behind in our budget. I wondered if we would have to cut staff or what we could do to survive. On December 17th we schedule a dinner out with some of our friends that live in the St. Paul area of the Twin Cities. We have been friends a long time and we don’t see them much, but we always try to connect with them every couple of months. So this was just a normal dinner out to connect. But as we got into the dinner, they told us that they sold their business. He told us the grueling process it took to sell the company. He was glad that process was over. As we got up to leave the restaurant they handed us a Christmas card and told us that God had been good to them so they wanted to give a gift to the church. It was a check for $20,000. We had not expected that, we didn’t even know they had sold their business. It blew me away. That was God’s provision for us. Then in the next two weeks around 80,000 came in from the church. So we raised 100,000 just in December and we started January 2018 in the black. That was another miracle from God and confirmation that his hand is on us.

Then on Easter Sunday, April 1, we paid off the land in just 8 months from the day we closed. That was another miracle that God provided. So those events in August, December and April all showed God’s miraculous hand on us as a community. Why couldn’t I believe God?

So we are going into the fall, and now the challenge ahead of us is to raise money for a building on the land that God gave us so miraculously. Guess what? I have to trust him more than I trusted for the land and for the money to come in last December. But God has a very good track record. And God will provide. I believe that and I’m moving into this capital initiative with more faith that God will come through again. I would ask you to start praying that God would provide for us a building on the land he has given us. I can’t wait to see what God does this year and I’ll work on not doubting but putting my trust in him.

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