Death's Sting

Kevin Sharpe on May 02, 2019

My oldest brother died two weeks ago on a Tuesday. He had terminal lung cancer that was discovered in September and he lived with it until April 16th. I last saw him the first week of April and even though we knew he was sick he looked good, had energy and we had a great visit together. I didn’t think he would die in less than two weeks. Loss and grief does some weird things to me. I have a sadness that is deep and discouraging. But it is even more than sadness it is a disoriented-ness that shakes my whole foundation. It is kind of an unreal quality to it that I have to continually catch myself and realize anew that he is gone, this is real and he is not coming back.

I was talking to a friend who recently lost her husband. She said, “Death is just so permanent. I find myself thinking frequently, ‘OK, Mike you have been gone for a while but now it is time to get back home. And then it hits hard again and again. He’s not coming home.”

My brother David, came up to MN a year ago to help us celebrate our daughter’s graduation from law school. We threw her a party so of course there was lots to be done. And David was always looking for ways to serve. And when I won’t give him things to do he would just find tasks that needed to be done and do them. He made the whole weekend so much easier on Julie and I. he always had that simple desire to serve.

The Apostle Paul is talking about the resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15 and he says, “Where O death is your victory? Where O death is your sting?” He was talking ultimately of our resurrection as we put our faith in Christ. Which I believe and trust in, and put my hope in, but in the meantime death still has a sting.

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