Children's Ministry Still Reaching Kids During Covid-10 Pandemic

Carrie Quigg on May 09, 2020

The world has changed so much during the Covid-19 outbreak, and because of that, the lives of our Westbrook kids have been turned upside down. The question Westbrook Children's Ministry asks every week is, "How can we reach our 75 kids during social distancing?" Keep reading to find out what we've been doing for our Westbrook kids.
For Palm Sunday we distributed palm leaf templates via email for kids to create their own palm leaves. Parents shared pictures of their kids waving palm leaves. We showed the pictures during our live stream service on Palm Sunday to take the place of our traditional Westbrook Kids Palm Parade.

During the week of Easter, Westbrook distributed activity bags to each Westbrook kid. The bags included educational puzzles, coloring pages, some treat-filled eggs, and a special craft. On Easter, Sunday Children's Ministry live-streamed our first program on Facebook. It was such a successful way to reach our kids that we decided to carry it out each week.

We continue to deliver activity bags to our 75 kids. The bags hold learning material, crafts, and even occasional special treats for each week's online lesson. Let us not forgot our littlest Westbrook members...babies under the age of 2. They receive a little something on weeks we deliver, such as small, plushie, baby prayer books, 5-minute Bible storybooks, and even age-appropriate treats. It has been an absolute joy for staff to deliver bags to excited kids and be able to give a smile and a wave or have a quick chat with families.

We love that, through a little creativity, Westbrook Children's Ministry is still having a positive impact on the lives of our kids during these challenging times.

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