A new member to the Westbrook team!

Kimberly Moorse on Jan 27, 2020

2020 is going to be a year of transition for me. After nine years of serving older adults at Presbyterian Homes & Services, I took a step of faith and accepted the administrator position at Westbrook. Though it was hard to say goodbye to co-workers and residents, I believe that this new opportunity to work at the church is an answer to prayer.

As I went through the Westbrook interview process, I had the opportunity to meet with church staff. During that meeting Kevin asked me to share my spiritual journey and in a very non-theological way I said, “I love Jesus!”. At that moment, looking across the table at Kevin and Stanton, I felt very small. In my mind I was screaming “What did you just say? You are talking to pastors so try to sound a little educated when it comes to talking about your faith.” However, that statement, though very simple, is true for me. I love Jesus.

My love for Jesus has grown over the years because I have a personal relationship with Him. For me, having a personal relationship with Jesus means spending time reading the Bible and praying. It means being an active member at my church where I can fellowship with others. And it means sharing the gospel.

So where are you in your relationship with Jesus? Are you growing deeper in your relationship with Him? I pray that you are. As a matter of fact, my specific prayer is that all of us at Westbrook desire to have a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father. As 2020 kicks off, we have a wonderful opportunity as a church to start the year off right by reading through the Kings Agenda – 21 days of focused prayer together. May this study be a blessing to you as we step into a new year.

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