A Little Bit about Jeff Lineberg

Julie Sharpe on Mar 19, 2020

- He is a twin

- Three years during elementary school he lived in Guadalajara, Mexico

- Lived in Minnesota for 24 years; longest he has lived anywhere

- Lives in Minnesota to be close to his two adult sons and two very cute grandkids

- He is a sports car affectionate and was invited to attend a Corvette training in Las Vegas

- Have you seen his dark gray Corvette???

Life on the Building Team

- He has been on it from the beginning in 2014

- His background is as a licensed contractor involved in home improvement

- Chairman of the team of a talented bunch of individuals he respects greatly

- Participating has allowed him to see firsthand God working in so many ways

- He has seen God answer so many prayers we have had since 2014

What he is Looking Forward to in the Building

- Bringing the Chaska/Carver area into our church community to know God more

- Can’t wait until that first Sunday when we open the doors

-“I want to be a part of this whole thing. I pray all the time that God would be in the hearts and minds of all of us decision makers”.

- Excited to be engaged and committed to this process

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