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Kevin Sharpe on Mar 14, 2019


When my son was in 2nd grade and my daughter was in kindergarten, we began sponsoring two kids in Nairobi, Kenya with World Vision. One is a boy that was the same age as my son and one was a girl that is the same age as my daughter. We sponsored them all the way through school up to their high school graduation. Our kids grew

Stanton Petersen on Mar 09, 2019

Does Everyone Know That God Exists?

Many struggle with the idea that only people who have the Bible can know that God exists. I believe you can agree with me that man is finite, and God is infinite. If man is to know God, then it must come about by

Julia Dahlke on Feb 20, 2019

The Things I Possess

In a voice full of disdain, my child said “Get off of my bed!”“Wait... Your bed?” I said. I recalled searching for the right bed for my child, reading reviews and finally driving to the Cities to pay for it and pick it up.

Julia Dahlke on Jan 26, 2019

Only Believe

It seemed like it had been many years since the day Sarai’s husband had heard the voice of God and looked up to count the stars. Each day that passed meant that the couple was another day older. Another day beyond child-bearing years. Another day further from the possibility of having their own family.

Kevin Sharpe on Dec 21, 2018


Kevin Sharpe on Nov 13, 2018

Survey Says...

We have just completed a church survey. We asked 45 of our committed members to fill out a survey that measured eight key areas of the church’s life.

Kevin Sharpe on Sep 12, 2018


Do you ever have doubts that God will come through? Or doubts that He will come through on time? A number of years ago we had put together a team to look at buying land and start the building process...

Stanton Petersen on Sep 03, 2018

The Importance of Student Ministry

According to Lifeway Research, 70% of high school church goers quit attending church by the age of 23. Of those, 34% said they had not returned to church by age 30. With statistics like this...

Stanton Petersen on Sep 03, 2018

Welcome Baby Eden Everly Petersen

Our family is happy to announce the arrival of our newest member (and Westbrook’s youngest church attendee), baby Eden Everly Petersen. Eden made her (overdue) appearance on Friday, May 11 2018...