Children's Ministry

Milestones in a child’s life call attention to important transformations. Celebrating these transformations together is an important spiritual discipline.

We know that the way we choose to celebrate important passages shapes the way we see them. When we, as a church family, pause our regular routines to acknowledge key milestones in a child’s life, we are sending a powerful message about their identity in Christ. Celebrations also give us a chance to widen the circle of committed adults in our children’s lives. Westbrook Kids celebrates the following milestones in a child’s life:

01 Dedication

When a child is born, parents present them to our church family seeking a blessing over the child. In addition to the received blessing parents and the church body promises to commit to raise their child in faith and support the child and the parents.

02 First bible presentations

We recognize that the bible is an essential source of guidance throughout our faith journey. We celebrate sharing Gods word with our children by presenting them a bible and extending a blessing over them.

03 Backpack blessings

This annual event marks the passing of the summer and celebrates the beginning of the school year. Students of all ages are invited to bring their backpacks to the service where they receive a blessing.

04 Communion

A child’s first communion is an important milestone event. We invite our children and their parents to participate in a class discussion of the mystery of Holy Communion.

05 Baptism

We celebrate a child’s decision to publicly declare their love for Christ and their intention to follow him for all of their days.


While we believe it is the primary responsibility of the parents to spiritually nourish their child, Children’s Ministries at Westbrook believes that church is an opportunity for someone other than a parent to connect with and speak into the child’s life. Children's Ministries provides an opportunity for children to learn with and from their peers. Westbrook Kids is available for all children from birth through fifth grade.

Birth to age 2


Ages 2 and 3


Ages 4 and 5


Grades K through 2


Grades 3 through 5



Elementary aged children begin each Sunday in Worship with their parents/caregivers. Children are invited to participate in Worship or simply observe those around them... learning how and why we Worship. In their individual classrooms, children in Raindrops, Puddles and Streams are invited to participate in child friendly worship.

Questions you may have

Do we need to sign up to participate in Sunday morning classes?

No. For safety reasons however we do require families to sign in each week.

How does check in work?

When you sign your child in at the Children’s Welcome Desk you will receive two stickers with matching numbers. One sticker is for your child and one is for you, keep it until service is over. Then simply present the sticker at your child’s classroom door to pick up your child.

Will my child be safe?

Your child’s safety is a priority at Westbrook Community Church. Volunteers in children’s ministries complete an intake interview with a pastor on staff. Volunteers also complete a thorough background check. Background checks are completed every two years. Volunteers in Children’s Ministries attend training twice a year. Volunteers are trained to successfully teach the class your child will participate in.

Is there a perfect age for my child to participate in Milestone events?

As a body of believers we celebrate some milestone events at specific times. An example would be Backpack Blessings. This milestone event is celebrated each September. Another example is First Bibles. First Bibles are celebrated for every second grader each year. Westbrook Kids believes that we are all on a journey. There is no right or wrong time to make a decision for Christ, participate in Communion or be baptized.

How can I know if my child is ready to begin a relationship with Jesus?

You sense that they don’t just want to invite Jesus into their life but know that they need him to be in their life. Children should also have a clear understanding of sin.